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A progressive creative agency offering premium UX/UI product design, logo & branding design, WordPress web design and SEO services to the Ashburn area and worldwide.

Get Magic - App UX UI Design + Video

Web Design Concept

Brief WordPress Web Design, App UX UI,
Video Clip

Get Magic - WordPress Web Design + SEO

Logo & Branding Concept

WordPress Web Design Concept

Alex MTB Branding / Video Editing

Spotify Album Design

Brief App UX UI

Best Water WordPress Web Design

Best Water Logo & Branding

WordPress Web Design Concept

Logo Concept

Expressive Arts Logo & Brand

Expressive Arts WordPress Web Design

Bushcraft Heroes Magazine Layout

Magazine Cover Concept

ReBalance Acupuncture WordPress Web Design

Rebalance Acupuncture Product Concept

Oasis Centre Logo & Branding

Oasis Centre WordPress Web Design

Brief Apparel Concept

Brief WordPress Web Design & Mobile App UX/UI

Tech Shop WordPress Web Design Concept

Product Design Concept

Masha Semenenko Artist Logo

Masha Portfolio WordPress Web Design

Spotify Album Design

Elite Design Logo & Branding

What they're saying

Molly Corless
Molly CorlessMagic Product Manager
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Alex is the best designer I've ever worked with, and that's saying a lot. Alex is able to take vague concepts and turn them into works of (functional) art. He completely overhauled [Magic's] website and app, bringing it up to modern day design standards all while keeping the customer's needs and company growth in mind. Not only does he make things beautiful, he makes sure there is continuity throughout, goes the extra mile to ensure everything is responsive, and even takes SEO and site speed into consideration.

Alex is a huge team player. He's always been helpful in meetings, makes an effort to get along with everyone, and brings attention to detail that I otherwise would have missed. He doesn't have an ego about his design, and take criticism gracefully. He doesn't complain when designs need to get reworked (which is often in a startup), and is always working to constantly improve his designs. He is absolutely an asset to the team.
Rozzyn Boy
Rozzyn BoyBrand Strategy Advisor
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Alex is a talented designer - both graphically and digitally. What I like most about Alex is his is eye for design detail and style. Something that was important in the brand positioning of Brief. The devil is always in the detail and I could rely on him to pick up small nuances in a brief that made the difference. He can stretch his skill set from static visual design through to video editing and UI/UX design - making him a valuable team member that understands the full range of the design spectrum.
Elad S.
Elad S.
Rebalance Acupuncture
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Elite website design did an excellent job designing my website. Right from the start they were very professional, knowledgeable and worked with me with patience, to create and design a custom website to best represent my new business - Rebalance Acupuncture Edmonton. They made a website of high standard, both from a functional/performance and aesthetic perspective. They constantly made suggestions in the development of the website to better improve its speed, performance and SEO. They have so much to offer beyond just a good design - they know so much about how a web page ranks in google and factors that affect that. They also helped me with some marketing for my site. I’m very happy with the outcome and very grateful for their hard work, knowledge and skill in delivering an excellent product and service. Thank you! Highly recommend!
Stephanie G.
Stephanie G.
Expressive Arts Coach
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Elite Webdesign has helped me through an amazing process of launching my website with all the required SEO benefits. The amount of SEO knowledge, design expertise and creative solutions to particular ideas I had, was such a delight and gave me confidence. They are very trustworthy. Most amazing was that the design meetings and direct application of changes were done virtually with screen sharing. It was the same quality of service as in person. I highly recommend especially Alexander for continuously answering my questions. Thank you so much!
Angela B.
Angela B.
Business Owner
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Alexander combined his profound SEO knowledge with his top design vision into a highly functional, beautiful, customer-friendly website for Best Water Inc. Throughout the entire process it was a delight to work with him remotely which made our work super time efficient and always without delay. Alexander also helped us build our social media presence and will continue to consult Best Water Inc in all web related matters. I highly recommend Alexander’s professionalism and most of all his high integrity which is absolutely priceless in a competitive and over-promising web-world. Thank you, Alex!
Dr. Rebecca Foreman
Dr. Rebecca Foreman
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After setting up my own Chiropractic business I needed a company to help with my website and business branding. I am so happy I chose Elite Web Design to do this for me. The service was impeccable. They listened to all my ideas and created the most amazing branding package and website for me. Great attention to detail. Definitely recommend and will be using again. Thank you!

Step One

SEO-Oriented Web Design

What good is a stunning website if nobody sees it? Your website needs to rank in Google so that’s exactly where we begin. If Search Engine Optimization is an afterthought, a website will need to be torn down later and reworked to accommodate SEO. Don’t make this mistake, and start with the solid foundation that every successful website needs.

We build “SEO-Oriented Web Designs”—that is, they are built with the purpose of ranking from the ground up.

We begin with an initial consultation to help us define your target niche, and then assess it’s viability and competitiveness.

Often, clients choose a niche that is either too weak, or too tough to compete in, and it’s our job to help you find that sweet spot of high search volume, with medium to low competition.

Frequently we’ve seen how this knowledge completely changes the perspective of our clients, and that can change their entire business direction which can affect the logo, branding and website design.

That’s why SEO comes first! 

If you want to learn more about SEO check out Brian Dean’s “Anatomy of the Perfectly Optimized Page”.

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Step Two

Logo Design

Now that you’re clear on the viability and rankability of your niche, we’ll design a classy, timeless logo that will appeal to you and your demographic.

The logo comes first as it’s the epicenter of your branding, representing the integrity, energy, and spirit of your company for all your clients and customers to see.

In planning your logo, you’ll be considering everything that truly and deeply matters to you and your business, and it’s our job to capture that essence into a logo design that you’ll love.

The colors, shapes, and fonts will harmonize to create a beautiful, timeless logo, without being cluttered or dated.

Once the logo has been finalized, we will begin to create a brand based on the logo and company values that have been established.

What kind of logo are you looking for? Check out Dribbble’s Top Logos for some ideas!

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Step Three

Branding Design

Branding is essentially an extension of your logo. We’ll pull inspiration from your logo to choose a matching color scheme, shapes, lines, design elements, and photos—building a mood-board to encapsulate these qualities for your review.

We have nearly 20 years of experience with photoshop, so really the sky’s the limit. You can send us any ideas (vague or specific) or references (other website designs, brands, marketing material or Pinterest boards), and we’ll match it, make it better, and make it yours.

Don’t want to use stock-looking photos? We’re very experienced in finding photos that look authentic, natural, and unique for your brand. We’re also very comfortable working with your photographers and can make Photoshop adjustments to your heart’s content.

We use Figma, a lightweight UX UI design tool to build out your mood board on a virtual whiteboard in order to send you concepts for easy review via a link. After some back and forth, you’ll sign off, and now we have all the ingredients to begin building your website.

Looking for great branding ideas? Check out Dribbble Top Branding Designs!

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Step Four

Website Design

We’ve built and managed websites for years and we’ve come to identify some key ingredients that we believe are essential to the longevity and success of a website:

1. SPEED – Lightweight and Fast-Loading, not only at the front-end for your customers, clients, and users but also at the back-end for your website admins.

2. SECURITY / DAILY BACKUPS – Something go wrong? Roll it back with a few clicks!

3. EASY UPDATES – We’ll future-proof your website by using only mainstream plugins. Why? Because applications with thousands of daily active users require ongoing support, development, and evolution. If it isn’t mainstream, it isn’t going to be easy to update.

4. INTUITIVE UX/UI – We’ll make your website user experience and user interface equally beautiful and intuitive to use.

And how do we achieve all of this? By using a winning combination:

1. WORDPRESS – The only content management system that we trust. WordPress has been around for over 15 years, with an estimated 75 million websites using WordPress. Note: If you don’t want to work with WordPress then unfortunately Elite Web Design is not for you. We build websites faster, more beautiful and more robust than custom-coded websites.

2. LIGHTWEIGHT & MAINSTREAM THEME – Trust us when we tell you that we’ve tried premium themes for years: X themes, Salient, Jupiter, along with Visual Composer, etc. you name it. They’re all beautiful, lightweight, and powerful… or so it seems at first.

Then the reality sets in: you realize the limitations of your theme and how slow it operates once you’ve added everything you wanted. Then you either live with the limitations or you pay a designer to build custom plugins that break over time because they aren’t mainstream—that is they aren’t maintained and updated to evolve as WordPress evolves—so they inevitably become increasingly less secure. We’ve hit this wall countless times, and we won’t go back to that approach. Thankfully there’s a new and improved way to build websites and that’s with theme builders. All you really need is a lightweight, secure, mainstream theme as a container for your website, and then we add a theme builder to give you all the customization you need, without cost to your speed and reliability. The Hello theme works perfectly for this.

3. LIGHTWEIGHT & POWERFUL THEME BUILDER – We’ve mentioned why you need a theme builder, now we’ll explain which one we use and why. We proudly use Elementor. It is hands down the fastest, most intuitive, and simplest theme builder we’ve ever used, while offering all the bells and whistles we always wanted with “premium themes.” We’ve been sold on Elementor since we first got our hands on it, and we’ve never looked back. We’re amazed by how many of the problems that come with premium themes are solved by Elementor. It’s no surprise that even some premium themes are beginning to adopt Elementor into their own themes.

Once you’re happy with the general website design, it’s time to bring in your content, combined with our SEO expertise.

Looking for some web design inspiration for your next project? Check out Dribbble’s Top Web Designs!

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Step Five

SEO 2.0 + Marketing

Now we bring it all together, by harmonizing your SEO-oriented written content with your new beautiful logo, branding, and website design. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your website has the right balance of beauty and rankability, without being spammy and overstuffed with keywords.

We’ll educate you on how to use keywords in your titles, headers, meta descriptions and more. We’ll show you how to format your content to maximize readability and time-on-page—reducing bounce rates that ultimately lead to poor rankings. We’ll show you what “true-to-topic” content looks like, and just how important it is for your rankability.

Most importantly what it comes down to is passion. If you have the passion to run a business, then you have passionate things to say about it. It’s our job to help you capture that in a professional, friendly, authentic tone that not only looks pleasing and reads well but will help you rank in Google: so your customers and clients find exactly what they’re looking for. And if you just can’t write it yourself, we can help you with that too.

As Simon Sinek says, “People Don’t Buy WHAT You Do, They Buy WHY You Do It.” That WHY should be evident in all of your content.

Our primary focus is to maximize your opportunity to rank organically. That means without paid ads, additional marketing, or boosted social media. We’ve seen how sites can eventually rank without any of that. But once those foundations have been built, if you wish we can also help you with running paid ads targeted at your preferred demographics by location, age, and interests, using Google ads, social media ads and more.

We’ll help you set up your social media in line with the logo, brand, and content so you not only have a great presence, but you also have a system worked out to enable you to continue posting on a regular basis if you so choose.

Need a commercial video clip? We do that too! Check out one of our latest video commercials (partnered with Neuron UX).

We are a team of highly creative problem solvers. Any complex challenge that you throw at us, we’ll likely find a great solution for.

Thank you for your interest in Elite Web Design. If you’re looking for a new website to showcase your business and make it thrive, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today for a free quote.

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